Mason’s Tree Service is a 10-man, 3-crew team of knowledgeable and hard-working tree men, owned and operated by Danny Mason.  We are dedicated to providing the greater Central Virginia area with affordable, top-quality residential, commercial, and emergency tree services.  We have over 50 years combined experience and pride ourselves on our knowledge, open communication, and excellence of our work.  You can rest assured that a well-trained, skilled crew will be working on your property.


About the Owner

Danny Mason was born in Lynchburg and raised in Evington, Virginia.  He comes from a family of tree men, which include his father, uncle, and both brothers.  He officially got involved in tree servce at the age of thirteen, giving him over 25 years of experience.  He and wife Megan have two daughters, Drew and Kylar, and a son, Kainen

Danny Mason and Family

Our Services

Mason’s Tree Service specializes in all things “tree,” from pruning shrubbery and removing trees to logging and lot-clearing.  We are service-oriented and prepared to meet any tree need you may have, no matter how big or small.

  1. 24-Hour Emergency Service

    If your property is the victim of storm damage, or if any other sudden tree problem occurs, call Mason’s Tree Service at any time, and we will be glad to meet you at your home for a free estimate, which you can give to your insurance company to expedite your claim.  Our desire is to remove any potential safety hazards and see your property reverted back to its original splendor as soon as possible.

  2. Commercial Tree Care

    The upkeep of the trees and shrubbery at your place of business is important, as a manicured landscape is appealing to customers.  By developing a good working relationship with a tree service you can rely on, you can achieve and maintain the appearance you desire for the land surrounding your business.  Mason’s Tree Service is attentive to safety and detail and will eliminate unwanted shrubbery, branches, trees – whatever the case may be – with little to no risk of damage to surrounding property.

  3. Residential Tree Care

    Proper tree care on your land is imperative, as it means safety for you and your loved ones and additional property value.  Mason’s Tree Service will work with you to determine the best action to take on a problem tree and then see that it is executed efficiently and safely with the enhancement of your home in mind, ensuring that no other tree or structure is harmed.  Minimal yard damage is a possibility due to the use of heavy equipment.  However, we offer clean-up, reseeding, and fertilization services, which will eventually return your lawn to its beautiful condition.

We’re Looking to Branch Out!

Mason’s Tree Service is licensed and insured.  We offer free consultations and free estimates, and we accept payment by cash, personal check, and all major credit and debit cards.

We appreciate you checking out our site and considering us for your tree needs.  If you are interested in a free estimate by a knowledgeable, experienced, and personable tree service, call Danny at (434) 665-4416 or his associate Bill at (540) 583-0817.


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